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A Beard Contest!!!


An annual fundraiser in

memory of Sgt. Greg Meagher.

All profits are donated to the

Police Benevolent Association,

Richmond County Sheriff’s Department


Professional photos of contestants beards:

📸 Wednesday.....Nov 25.....12:00 pm to 5:45 pm

📸 Friday .............Nov 27.......9:00 am to 5:45 pm

📸 Saturday.........Nov 28......8:00 am to 12:45 pm

Online Voting:

🟢 Sunday, Nov 29th: Voting Begins!

       $5 Per Vote

🔴 Friday, December 5th: Voting ends mid-afternoon

Announced LIVE on Yankee Clippers Facebook


Yankee Clippers Barbershop

2569 Central Ave,

Augusta, GA 30904

Who can enter?:

Men...uhhh or women...with visible facial hair. 

(Yes, that's my politically correct contribution for 2020. But ladies, if you get creative and want to show off your version, text me and I'll put you in! -Kat 😄 (Cheri's daughter, the photographer))

Beard Bash Categories:

  • Short Beard

  • Medium to Long Beard

  • Mustache

  • Goatee

  • Military & EMS Only: Regulation Mustache


Each contestant will receive a professional photo of their hairy "mug!"

This is a $250 value!


Thanks to this fabulous pandemic we must hold the voting online instead of the bar. Boooo! (We'll provide beer anyway 😉)

Soooo this mugshot is required to enter the contest.


For those that flee from the scene when a camera is sighted, I know your pain. This mugshot will put an end to your traumatic past experiences but sorry, no swapping it for the cash value. Very sneaky though! I like how you think!


I promise you'll have a blast with me!

-Kat 📸⚡

Beard Bash hushXpose.png

What else can I win?:

A word from our sponsors: MORE PRIZES!

As Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would say,


Beard Bash Sponsors.png
Beard Bash yankee clippers.png

How it works:

1: Fill out the entry form below

2: Schedule your Photo Session Appointment with me (Kat) 

       You'll receive the booking page in your email after you submit this entry

     (Yes, can walk-in during the scheduled times but appointments will come first)​


3: Tell ALL of your buddies to enter the contest ...or you'll announce that they all play bingo with Al Borland. (Al responds, "I don't think so, Tim.")


4: Show up at Yankee Clippers Barbershop for your photo session like this:


  • Hey handsome, you must come camera-ready...Woah, wait slow down, Tonto. Let me explain first:

  • No, you don't have to match your wife or kids.

               (Tim grunts again, "ar ar ar ar arr!")

  • But stay away from:

       -White shirts

       -Big Logo's or Words (Cause no one cares unless you're repping the name, Meagher.)

       -Teeny tiny stripes or patterns (they look trippy on camera)

       -Funky necklines: T-shirts that look like they're strangling you

       -Pet hair is not in fashion...I know it's not animal cruelty, but no Bueno.

       -Wrinkled shirt from the laundry bin with stains cause I'm not "photoshopping" that.

  • Style your noggin or let it go cray cray. I prefer the disarrayed character. It makes everyone smile. 

  • For professional cut and styling be sure to schedule a haircut appt at least 30 min prior to your photo session...cause you don't want me doing your hair. You might end up with a yellow wig or pickles up your nose.


  • No, I'm not photographing your wife, kids, dog, aunt, cousin, brother or uncle...unless you wear them as your headpiece. 

  • Please come on time so that I can attempt to shoot the shi$ with you until you give me your best mug (I understand life happens. Tell me that you tried and give me a high five cause you made it!) 

5:  Voting Begins Online: 

     Sunday, Nov 29th: $5 per vote.

     Go campaign tell everyone to go online to vote for you ...and then vote for yourself a few times.

       Then check up on the slackers and tell them you'll raise taxes if they don't vote NOW (that means you'll randomly show up and "borrow" their things.) 

6: The winners and prizes will be announced: 

     LIVE on Yankee Clippers Facebook (Mid-afternoon) 

     Friday, December 5th

7: Record your Touchdown Dance and send it to us so we can post it! 



All photography questions:

All contest questions:

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