American Star


4th Annual

Beard Bash

American Star
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A Beard Contest!!!


An annual fundraiser in

memory of Sgt. Greg Meagher.

All profits are donated to the

Police Benevolent Association,

Richmond County Sheriff’s Department

How it works:

1:  Voting Begins Online: 

     Sunday, Nov 29th: $5 per vote.

     Go campaign tell everyone to go online to vote for you ...and then vote for yourself a few times.

       Then check up on the slackers and tell them you'll raise taxes if they don't vote NOW (that means you'll randomly show up and "borrow" their things.) 

2: The winners and prizes will be announced: 

     LIVE on Yankee Clippers Facebook (Mid-afternoon) 

     Friday, December 5th

3: Record your Touchdown Dance and send it to us so we can post it! 


Each contestant will receive a professional photo of their hairy "mug!"

This is a $250 value!


Thanks to this fabulous pandemic we must hold the voting online instead of the bar. Boooo! (We'll provide beer anyway 😉)

Soooo this mugshot is required to enter the contest.


For those that flee from the scene when a camera is sighted, I know your pain. This mugshot will put an end to your traumatic past experiences but sorry, no swapping it for the cash value. Very sneaky though! I like how you think!


I promise you'll have a blast with me!

-Kat 📸⚡

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What else can I win?:

A word from our sponsors: MORE PRIZES!

As Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would say,


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All photography questions:

All contest questions: